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Restoration of the Jūichimen Kannon Bosatsu [Skt. Ekadaśamukha Bodhisattva] statue belonging to Shōsenji temple


Shosenji Temple in Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, enshrines a wooden statue of Senju Kannon, which is said to be one of the origins of the place name "Senju".

It is said that a long time ago, a man named Arai Masatsugu cast a net into the Arakawa River (present-day Sumida River) and a statue of Senju Kannon was caught in the net and enshrined there.The temple is also known as "Oenma," or the devotee of Enma, the king of the dead, and is so crowded that food stalls line the street from the precincts to the front on the official opening days of the temple, the 15th and 16th of July.In the Edo period (1603-1868), this temple was the site of the grand "Torinoichi" festival. It is also a temple associated with the Tokugawa family, and there used to be a resting place for the shogun in the precincts. This time, we are restoring the statue of Senju Kannon in our laboratory.

Main Staff

Suzuki Atsushi

Masuda Yoshiki

Kojima Hisanori

In the current situation, the side hands (thousand hands) were glued down from where they should be, and there was a lot of bug-eating around the foot. As restorers, we were worried about the future of the statue if it remained in this state.
The statue has undergone many repairs due to its age, but with respect to its various origins and history, we have tried to preserve the current appearance as much as possible while regaining the dignity of Senju's Senju Kannon.



Photo before the restoration



worm-eaten area

In the course of the work, we were all surprised by the delicacy of the sculptures on the pedestal. The openwork on the Halo is also very beautiful, and it is a precious restoration experience that shows the high level of carving techniques of the Edo period.
However, the base of the statue was also damaged over the years, so we made up for some of the missing parts and parts of the base to support the statue firmly in the future.


Sharp carved pedestal


Lacquer work on the newly made part

Currently, we are painting lacquer on the newly made part. We also plan to take more time to adjust the colors of the statue itself.


 Halo with delicate openwork

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