Restoration of Shaka Nyorai (Skt. Sakya Tathagata) statue belonging to a private collector

This time, we received a request for the restoration of a privately owned statue. The statue of Sakyamuni is based on the sutras and comes in a variety of forms such as birth, preaching and nirvana. The object of restoration this time was also a seated image of Shakyamuni Buddha with a sermon mark. It is a beautiful statue that is thought to have been made in the late Heian period, based on its shallow clothing pattern and calm carving mouth.

Main Staff

Suzuki Atsushi

Masuda Yoshiki

Kojima Hisanori


Before the restoration​

The main part of this statue is divided into two blocks, front and back. In addition, a technique called "warikubi" is used, in which the head is removed with a blade. Both arms and legs are built from different blocks, and the right elbow to tip and both hands are also built from different materials.

The left hand is on the knee with the palm facing upwards and the right hand is palm forward. This is called “semuiyogan-in". The sitting position is "goumaza" with the left leg up. The clothes are worn in a way known as "modanduken," which exposes the right side of the body.

Before the restoration, we carefully observed the statue and carefully examined which areas should be fixed and which should not be fixed. This time, we felt that the modeling of the right arm was uncomfortable, so we discussed it with other staff members and found that it was compensated for in a later period. Others, such as the earlobes and some of the fingertips, were supplemented in later times.