Restoration of Daizuiku Bosatsu [Skt. Mahāpratisāra Bodhisattva] statue belonging to a private collector

 Daizuki is one of the bodhisattvas of esoteric Buddhism. One of the most famous examples is the Zuiku Hall at Kiyomizu Temple, where this statue is enshrined as a hidden Buddha.Recently, we received a request to clean and preserve a statue that had been handed down from the previous generation with great care. It is believed that this statue was created in the Edo period (1603-1868), and its vivid and detailed coloring, elaborate hardware, and adorable face are eye-catching and very beautiful. In this restoration, we focused on cleaning.

Main staff

Inuma Haruko

Shirasawa Yoji

Wang  Mengshi

Xu Wenjun

Before the restoration

 Both the miniature shrine and the statue were stained with dark brown stains. The blackened stains were gradually removed by using the adsorbent rubber for the restoration of cultural properties. In addition, both sides of the nose were missing, so I treated it with Gofun. In addition, there were black spots in some places, so I carefully removed them with a solution of ethanol and purified water, being careful not to damage the image. The part of the left arm where the color was peeled off was glued with a glue made from deer antlers.

Removal of dirt with adsorbent rubber

The right half of his body was cleaned

Removal of the crown hardware

Repairing with gofun

cracks in the nose

color matching

Areas where the color has fallen off

After preventing peeling off

The greasy stains on the miniature shrine were wet-cleaned with baking soda water. We cleaned the miniature shrine many times with a (1:1) solution of ethanol and purified water so that no baking soda water would remain in the miniature shrine.

Before wet cleaning

Wet cleaning in progress.

After cleaning

The crown of the side attendants was missing in many places, so we tried to restore the whole body by using the remaining parts of the crown as a reference.

Illustration of the restoration of the crown

After the restoration