Scale Reproduction of the Standing Figure of Bishamonten [Skt. Vaiśravaṇa] Belonging to Ganjōjuin Temple in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Suzuki Atsushi, Ikeshima Kōsuke, Nakamura Tsuneyoshi, Kojima Hisanori (2011)

The original statue was produced in 1186 as a votive offering by Hōjō Tokimasa for success in an upcoming battle against the Northern Fujiwara family, by the sculptor, Unkei, who had traveled to the Kantō area from the capital. Although it uses the yoseki-zukuri [carved from a base consisting of multiple pieces of wood] technique, the majority of it was in fact carved from a single block, showing a strong influence of the ichiboku-zukuri, although the shoulders and arms have been jointed in order to adjust their angle. This works demonstrates Unkei’s strong understanding of the human form and sculptural spatial structure.




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