Scale Reproduction of the Standing Figure of the Eleven-faced Kannon Bosatsu [Skt. Ekadaza mukha] Belonging to Murōji Temple, Nara Prefecture. 

Sculptor: Yamada Aki. Patinated coloring: Iinuma Haruko (2019)

The original statue is thought to be one of three statues that were enshrined in the Main Hall of Murōji Temple when it was first constructed. The folds in the robes are reminiscent of ripples on shallow water, contrasting with the sturdy build of the figure, and it is typical of statues produced in the early Heian period (794–1185). This reproduction is one-third the size of the original. As work progressed, it was realized that the center line down the rear side was slightly distorted. It is not perfectly symmetrical but through the incorporation of this slight distortion, it creates a superb sense of balance and presents a new kind of beauty but this would never have been discovered except through the creation of this reproduction.













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