Scale Reproduction of the Standing Figure of Yakushi Nyorai [Skt. Bhaiṣajyaguru] Belonging to Murōji Temple, Nara Prefecture. 

Sculptor: Yamada Aki. Patinated coloring: Iinuma Haruko. Coloring of halo: Tokyo University of the Art’s COI Stream

This statue is currently said to be of Shaka Nyorai [Skt. Śākyamuni] but it is thought that it was originally made as an image of Yakushi Nyorai [Skt. Bhaiṣajyaguru]. With the texture of the robes resembling spring water running down a smooth rock face and a relaxed standing posture, this figure emits an atmosphere of solemnity. 

At approximately 2.3 meters in height, this is an extremely large sculpture and so it was decided to make the reproduction at a scale of 1:4, but despite this disparity in size it cracked in almost exactly the same location as the original. However, when the interior was hollowed out using the seguri technique [the statue hollowed out from the rear then a separate backboard applied], the speed at which cracking occurred was noticeably reduced, demonstrating again the effectiveness of seguri.













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