Reproduction of the Current State of the Wooden Standing Figure of Tentōki Belonging to Kōfukuji Temple in Nara Prefecture.

Sculptor: Masuda Yoshiki (2005)

This statue was sculpted as part of a pair, together with Ryūtōki, by Unkei’s third son, Kōben, to be enshrined in Kōfukuji Temple. This statue consists of two halves, top and bottom, joined at the waist with a supplementary triangular board inserted between them; this is an unusual structure, known as dōtsugi and it is thought that it was employed to create a powerful image of the demon focusing his strength in his hips. It is believed that this was not planned initially but was carried out as work progressed in order to introduce diversity into the motion of the figure. It can be said that this work provides us an insight into the confidence and skill of the sculptor. 




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