Reproduction of the Wooden Standing Figure of Bishamonten [Skt. Vaiśravaṇa] belonging to Sekkeiji Temple in Kōchi Prefecture.

Sculptor: Nakamura Shino (2020)

The standing figure of Bishamonten belonging to Sekkeiji Temple in Nagahama, Kōchi City is known to have been sculpted by Unkei’s eldest son, Tankei, and this reproduction was made in order to study Tankei’s sculpture technique. Compared to other sculptors from this period, his father, Unkei, liked to use large, square pieces of timber, regardless of the fact that this led to a lot of waste, and his method of working closely resembled the ichiboku-zukuri (carved from a single block of wood) technique, whereas Tankei used much less timber. Furthermore, through work on this reproduction it was discovered that the joints in the torso were adjusted in order to split the legs smoothly. However, this difference in structure not only made the sculpting more efficient, it also had the effect of weakening the sense of movement in the statue and from the experience attained through the creation of this reproduction, the sculptor feels strongly that this reflects a generational difference in form. 








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