Reproduction of the Standing Figure of Shūkongōjin [Skt. Vajrapani] Belonging to the Hokkedō [Lotus Hall] of Tōdaiji Temple in Nara Prefecture, Recreating its Current Appearance.

Sculptor: Shigematsu Yūshi. Patinated color: Iinuma Haruko and others (2019)

This sculpture was created as part of a doctorate project (Shigematsu Yūshi: ‘A Study of the Structure and Techniques Employed in the Creation of the Nara Period Clay Standing Figure of Shūkongōjin Belonging to Tōdaiji's Hokkedō Temple,’ 2019), in which the original clay statue was reproduced using the dakkatsu kanshitsu [hollow dry lacquer] technique. Throughout its creation, the way in which the different techniques of clay modeling and dry lacquer affected the result were carefully noted. The completed dry lacquer statue was finished using a thin coating of clay and colored to recreate the original’s current state, exhibiting the effects of over 1,300 years of history. 







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