Reproduction of the Seated Figure of Yakushi Nyorai [Skt. Bhaisajyaguru] Belonging to Main Hall of Bandaisan Enichiji Temple in Fukushima Prefecture (2015–18)

​制作者:保存修復彫刻研究室 制作年:2015〜2020年

Enichiji Temple was an extremely large temple, founded by famous priest, Tokuitsu, in the town of Bandai, Fukushima Prefecture. However, as a result of wars and natural disasters it gradually fell into decline until during the Meiji period (1868-1912) it was finally abandoned. The principle image of the temple was a statue of Yakushi Nyorai, said to have been created in 807. It was destroyed by fire and restored numerous times until the final restored statue was lost in a fire in 1879. Later, detailed research of the temple’s grounds was carried out and Enichiji Temple became classified as being a national historical site. Recently, the Main Hall and the Inner Gate have been reconstructed. 

The Conservation Course’s Sculpture Laboratory spent three years reproducing the statue of the seated figure of Yakushi Nyorai that was to be enshrined in the Main Hall. In creating this work, various statues dating from the early Heian period were referenced. This panel shows an actual-size photograph of the reproduction of Enichiji Temple’s Yakushi Nyorai statue.



























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