The Items Discovered Inside the Agyō Kongōrikishi Statue Belonging to Rakuhōji Temple (2019–2020)

​1519年前後(室町時代) 修復年 2019〜2020年

This is a selection of the items discovered inside the Agyō statue when it was disassembled. All of them were placed inside during a major restoration of the statue that took place in around 1519.

First there is a wooden tablet that gives details of the repairs that were made to the statue in 1519, as well as describing the wars, natural disasters and famines that swept the country at that time. There were also several small tablets written by people who were making a pilgrimage of the thirty-three temples in eastern Japan dedicated to Kannon Bosatsu [Skt. Avalokiteśvara].

Eight small hand scrolls inscribed with the Lotus Sutra were discovered, bound together in groups of four with five-colored cord. These scrolls had suffered badly from insect damage, but each insect hole was individually repaired during the careful restoration. 













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