Restoration of the Seated Statue of Amida Nyorai [Skt. Amitabha] Belonging to Sainenji Temple, Ibaraki Prefecture

​平安時代後期 修復年 2006年

This beautiful statue is a classic example of the ‘Jōchō-style’, that was extremely popular during the late Heian period (794–1185), and has been designated a cultural property by Ibaraki Prefecture. However, during its long history, the statue had undergone various restorations with both hands and numerous other parts being replaced while the entire figure was covered with a thick coat of paint, detracting from its original form. 

When the statue was brought to the laboratory for restoration, first the poor-quality coating of paint was removed and the overall structure of the statue reinforced. Next, both the original parts and the later replacements were measured using 3D laser scanning and based on this data, computer graphics were employed to determine the placement of the timbers, making it possible to make an objective comparison between it and other known examples of work by Jōchō.













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